Federer won his 5th Grand Open!

Oh My God! Oh My God! Federer is back as my idol once again! He had beaten Murray in the US Open. I've been keeping my fingers crossed since he last lost to Spain's Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon in June. Then this time in the Grand Slam, I was a little worried when he played against Andy Murray. Will he lose it again? And he didn't. It was just too close! That makes it his 5th US Grand Open Title!

I had been thinking that perhaps Federer had grown older and tired after all these years. Looks like I can now bring out my red Federer signatured racquet and feel the triumph of it again. I had thought of keeping it far behind my cabinet when he lost the Wimbledon title recently...hahahaha..


Dragon said...

yes!!! i am so happy about it. i think of waking up in the morning and watch the match. but i didnt check the time properly. i thought it was 8am our time. mana tau, it is 5am our time la!!! missed it in the end. i check out the website and found out he won. so happy.

nadal lost in the semi. so happy la... wakakakaka.

Shemah said...

OH wow!! I am sooooooo happy!! Like dragon, so happy nadal lost in the semis! LOL! At least his jumped back from his somewhat mediocre form the past year. But now he's back and I'm downright happy!!


Me too! Glad to see RF back in action! Dont think he is going down any time soon! He still needs to top Pete Sampras's 14 Grand Slam title! Just one more to go!!!!!