Changi Weekend

On Sunday, we went for a picnic at Changi Beach. We reckoned that the East Coast Beach will be packed with lots of beachbums and terribly crowded so we decided to head for Changi Beach instead. After scouting through the place we found out that there were too many campers around but we picked a spot near to the public utility room so that the kids can bathe after playing sand. But we couldn't decide so we ended up near the Changi Ferry Jetty where the anglers are.

The sand there is not very pretty and more coarse and also because of the high tide, the remaining part of the sand was strewn with lots of leaves and casuarinas. We laid out the picnic mats for the girls and we even brought our picnic chairs with us. I helped the girls fill up the collapsible mini pool as I didn't want them to be in the sea since it was high tide. Luckily we brought along a large pail to fill up the mini pool with seawater. Rae had a lovely time just lying on it.

I packed some food in case the girls get hungry. I wasn't planning for a lot of food as we would only stay for lunch. The weather was great, not sunny as it had been like that for weeks. We were also under the many shady casuarina trees so it was definitely better than to be in hot sun. There were anglers just nearby and I reminded the girls not to make a lot of noise.

Sausies and Lamb Patty with lots of mustard

Skewerless Beef Satay and Honey Baked Ham

Rae snacking in the the shallow mini pool

High tide near the Jetty, so less beach to play

Oh Look! Kakak and Lea both can't stop the 'Wang Wang' biscuits too


Joze Foo said...

wah honey baked ham...yummy!

Coriander Dreams said...

Are the Wang Wang biscuits the same as the Wan Wan sweet salty rice crackers? If so, I like them too! :) I can eat the whole pack!

Dragon said...

wah, i want to eat also.... looks so yummy.

Kikey Loo said...

1st time see ur kakak... haha... she also will become famous liao~~ haha.. :p

Anonymous said...

wow good idea to have a family outing at the beach....surely your girls will ask going again :)


Constance Chan said...

joze.- my kids actually bored with honey baked ham... i was clearing the old stock..hahaha

marie - yes yes that is the same rice cracker you meant!

dragon - u go picnic one ka.. tot u only go les tor lern...hehehe

kikey - first time u see her ka.. i've posted her face before kua.. in old posts..

jipunabor - yes they always ask to go for picnic.. but sometimes parents lazy to go nia.. pack up ma..lots of work..hehe