Bath Door Jammed

I was downstairs on my pc when I heard my little shout, "Mummy Mummy!" I ran up the stairs so fast because she sounded a little frightened. I got so worried thinking what was the matter. Only when I was in my room did I realised that she is locked in the bathroom and the door won't open.. oh dear. I asked if she locked the door and she did.

Actually she had forgotton that she needs to unlatch if first.. I told her many times she needn't lock it after all no one is going to peek and she is only 4.. She managed to unlatch it but as the door folded open, it got stuck halfway..Lucky she could squeeze out. Boy, my bath door certainly needs fixing again!

Locked Inside! Darn..

Door is Jammed Halfway.. after some banging, the door finally folds to open.


Tammy said...

That is a scary thing to happen to a kid. It's happened to my eldest when she was little and I had to take the door knob off to get her out.

Contentedmom said...

ya...thank god she wasnt hurt! My daughter is the exact opposite. She starts to remove her pants even before she is in the bathroom and she doesnt close the door either!! She is 4 too...hahaha

Anonymous said...

i remember i got stuck in a room too bcs the door ws locked and i couldnt unlock it, it was really scary and cried for a long time b4 anyone found me