Hello Kitty Go Races Lantern Festival

2 more weeks to the F1 Singapore Night race, the Mid Autumn Festival had already made way to celebrate Lantern Festival the Hello Kitty way. Well, not just any Hello Kitty lanterns but this one is themed the Hello Kitty Go Races. I know the kids are pestering to go. I don't really mind. I hope the crowd will ease out after this week. It can get quite crowded at the Chinese Garden, like every year. The heat will be terrible even though it is in the evening. I hope it will rain during the day in the weekends then we can make a trip that night.

I believe there was a Hello Kitty Lantern festival before in early 2000s but this one sports a different theme. As usual, it will be held for an entire month till the end of September. Tickets are on sale by cash at the entrance but I think we can also buy them from the AXS ticketing machine for convenience.


Kikey Loo said...

i am sure u guys will have fun at there...

dunno chinatown here has any function boh..?