No Camera Function for iPhone?

Now that iPhone can be bought through Singtel, I have not yet decided if I should get that for a phone upgrade. My current plan is now no longer tied to any contract and I am looking for an upgrade with Singtel or any other phone subscriber with a good price package and mobile price. Number portability is now in force which means, I can keep my number with any phone subscriber that offers me the best deal.

I was actually looking the Samsung Omnia which looks really good but i probably need to look at it's features too. The Motorola Motozine ZN5 is also something I am looking at, because of it's imaging features and wifi enabled. It was then that I realised that iPhone can't be used for photo taking.. gosh. I prefer a phone with good photo taking features.

Frankly I too love my old bulky SE800i terribly that I am not sure if I can part with it. I found out that this phone is very much in demand still and a new contract with this SEK800i still costs as much as S$268 for a two year plan! It costs $0 for the SEK810i and it's predecessor, K850i seemed to be obsolete from the list. Doest that mean the older versions are more stable?


Coriander Dreams said...

I have the Iphone, but I dont really use it that much... It doesnt have a keypad. It's a bit difficult to type on touch screen! My letters get scrambled up... They are really sleek tho..

stay-at-home mum said...

I have also decided to pass on the iphone and am (gasp!) considering the Omnia too. The 5 megapixel camera is a big draw for me!!

Umbrella Rec said...

Are you sure you want to have a Samsung handphone? So far I only hear complaints about their handphones. I have bad impression towards Samsung's handphones generally although I am looking at Samsung's monitor now :)