Enchanted By This Song

I have been watching Enchanted with my daughters repeatedly because they love it. The story is actually a combination of various Disney's classic fairy tales, all conjoured into a semi cartoon, animation, life and musical fairy tale! My girl could identify Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more in just this one show that started with cartoon briefly, real characters in the middle, some computer animation and ends in cartoon form. I thought it was entertaining and the best part is, the song is really addictive! We played them both in Chinese and English version too.

I found myself humming and singing those few lines that the kids love and even my helper sings it without realising it..

We all are really addicted to this show because the girls will bring it with them to watch in the car DVD when we drive out to town! Only the driver misses out but I noticed he sneaked some glances at the screen at traffic lights... Yes, it is very addictive.

I've got a video of the song here if you wanna catch it. Enjoy!


reanaclaire said...

i love this show too.. esp in the full screen.. my girl downloaded the cute sweet songs... very refreshing movie..

Tammy said...

I love that movie! It's so cute!!!

little prince's mummy said...

I love this song, too!~