Friends By Blogging

What I love about blogging are the friends you make, eventually. An initial friendly hi turns into friendly chats and soon you get to know more of them, their family and life through their blogs and daily stuff they write. Some of the bloggers have become some regular friends and we share many things about family, tips and sometimes we just chat online for company.

Have you made some friends this way? You'll be surprised when you realised you share similar interests even though these bloggers may come from as far as another part of the world. Thanks to internet that has brought many people closer through blogs and online chats.

I'd also like to thank Purplesky for these two wonderful awards from her. Even though I've received them before, it is always merrier to have more. Awards are a good way to bond and a good way to know you are still in another person's contact too.

I would like to award this one below to my lovely bloggers, Hazel, Lauri, Kikey, Jepunlauee, Kacang, and the talented illustrator, Emila. I really really enjoyed reading your blogs!

Tea Party with my friends!

I also received this unique award from Geng. Thank you Geng, this one is so lovely too. I'd love to have tea with you! And I'd like to share another 3 more cuppas with Jo-N, Angeleyes and Claire. Sugar and Cream? Anyone love some scones freshly baked?


Kikey Loo said...

Kam Xia, Hoon... :D
so nice have u be my friend too!

stay-at-home mum said...

I have made a few good blogger friends who keep a "look-out" for me. And you are one of them. Thanks!!

Constance Chan said...

kikey - it's great to have u as my friend too!

stay at home mum - it's hard to find friends that are there for honest reasons, i guess. some drop by for the sake of links then they disappear for months before they suddenly pop by again. i get that alot. when I get those who comes by and share my life and thoughts online, i try to keep them as friends, real friends - not just links. am glad to know you too!

angeleyes said...

Thanks for the cuppa!!

reanaclaire said...

hhmmm... nicest blend of tea i ever 'drank' .. with the trust, kindness, honesty and caring, all in one... as i mentioned in my post earlier, i am also thankful for friends i have made during my months of blogging... thanks again..

JO-N said...

trust+kindness+honesty+caring, indeed a perfect blend! Thank you for being my friend and for dropping me a line from time to time.