Would You Be Caught In Such An Embarrasing Situation?

It was certainly an embarrassing moment when I read about a 20 year old Malaysian, who had to ask for assistance from the doctors in the hospital to remove a nut from his p*nis recently. It was on the online news just today. It was reported that he slipped it in because he wanted to have it lengthen but who else but himself know why he used it for. It got stuck and couldn't be taken off after an e**ction. The doctors had to draw out some blood and also cut of the top later of the skin to remove the nut that got stuck. Can you believe the things that people do?

This is the second case in a week after another one slipped a steel ring and also had difficulty taking it off. No doctor could help so the fire department had to be called in! *both hands covering eyes!*


Dragon said...

I saw this news. really omg la. use the nut to play with his tool. wakakakakaka, sam pat one. the most funniest part is need to call the bomba. laugh until peng tor.