Snowball Tag

Dragon started a tag hopefully to increase technoratis and our PRs. I've joined quite a few and see my technorati numbers really go up. It will benefit you if of course. If you've participated in one like the previous Big Bang World, you'll understand how beneficial it was.

| Start Copy |

- Copy from | Start Copy | to | End Copy |.
- Send me the blog’s name together with the URL. CLICK HERE to leave me a comment. I will add it in the master list. Please, NO porn site.
- Once added, I will let you know by leaving comment on your site.
- Copy the master list from my site and paste in your blog.
- Come back often to get the updated master list. This is to ensure the one behind you will get the links as well.
- Let’s start the snow ball roll roll roll.

| 1. Entertainment World | 2. BLOG it with ALLEN | 3. My Mood My Feeling | 4. Yummy Station | 5. Lz aka limzhi | 6. Zhi Yan Zi Yu | 7. Somewhere in Singapore | 8. Spymama | 9. Life in the United States | 10. Ling’s World | 11. Life’s Roller Coaster | 12. Life’s A Breeze | 13. Life’s Roller Coaster - EJ | 14. Chinese Song Lyrics | 15. It’s my another new life~ | 16. LifeLong Sharing | 17. Echo from Physco | 18. Almanac Queen | 19. Caramel Corn | 20. Sunny Side Up Foodie

| End Copy |

Perhaps some of you might want to join me? Welcome to take this off my blog, ANYONE. I wonder what is his target. Come and join, the earlier the better.


Kikey Loo said...

he had add number in front of each link.