Tattoo Youths

I was in the lift just this morning and a pretty lady in a decent outfit came in. She was polite and gave my daughter a smile. I've seen her before and she lives just on the level below us. When the lift touched the ground level, I held on the door for her to go out first. As she walked out, I could see that some parts of her arm and back from her sleeveless blouse that there were tattoos that was really large and colourful. It was parts of a butterfly, probably almost half or her upper torso. Decades ago, tattooed youth were shunned upon as bad company but not anymore. Now it is trendy to have on but I can never imagine such a large one on her body. Now one can even find friends in Tattooed Singles chatroom and chat about tattoo whole day long.


Anonymous said...

It is still not very acceptable over here, many onsen public bath or even hotels will stop you if they see tattoo on ones body.


Umbrella Rec said...

I have a friend addicted to tattoos. She said you would keep adding more and more tattoos as you become addicted. She wanted her whole body being covered by tattoos :)