Out Of Breath But I'm Around

Since school started, I've been really busy. Guess it's stuck to the routine of going in and out of the house day in and day out. Forgive me if I left my msn on and did not reply to some of you when you buzzed me. That is because I am in one minute and out the next and sometimes I will forget to update the status in my msn.

I send my girls on two different timings in the mornings so it is a rush to go out and hurry back to pick my younger one which is an hour apart. I tried getting both ready at the same time but it was a little ridiculous as you never know what kind of mood and temperament they can be in the mornings so one at a time is less stressful. My elder has to be out of the house by 7.30am and younger one at 8.30am.

And picking them up is just as stressful too. In between these hours, I try to rush to get some groceries and tries to limit it to an hour but sometimes it is easy to exceed. So coming back I sometimes skip lunch because I find it too stressful to eat and look at the time before I'm off again. There are many occasions where you see me driving home to put the groceries down and in that 15 minutes I am out again.. I had few visitor friends from overseas and I had to bring them along with me and my frantic timing and it is hard to be hospitable and sit down for a cuppa coffee with them.

Afternoons are definitely worst. Because my elder girl stays back in school few days a week and has other classes in between too. During these times, I go out to bring her the lunch box as queing time is too long before she starts afternoon activity or extra classes. She only has 30 minutes between dismissal and class. Classes last anything from an hour and a half to two hours. And this time is rush hour for me too because by the time I get back to catch my breath, I will be sending my younger one for her classes too. Drop her off and soon it is time to pick my elder one!

I don't like to wait for them for an hour or two so I rather drive myself back home to blog. Even half hour of blogging is addictive.

Some days I can be taking as many as 7 or 8 trips or double if you count both ways! I cannot imagine how one juggles if they have 3 or more children. Perhaps school bus? For me, school is not really that far and to take school bus, my girl will have to leave home earlier and come back later because of the route and drop offs for each child. I'd rather drive them myself and see to it that the schedule is kept to a minimum so that they have more time.

So, please bear with me if you can't find me on msn.


Kikey Loo said...

i totally understand ur situation and how tired you are.

maybe u can bring ur laptop with you, go to some where need ur daughter school instead of go home.

Tammy said...

Having kids can definitely be hectic!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

Were you talking about my schedule?? Well, its exactly the same for me. I can make as many trips a day but sometimes if it is only an hour or two of waiting, instead of coming home, i go for a foot massage, or a pedicure, or drink and soemtimes even to the club. I am always armed with a book, so I always have something to do whilst waiting.