Foam Pool Fun

Have you ever been to a foam party? In Singapore, in the past decade, there has been foam parties mainly in Sentosa Island where the clubbing scene by the beach is. Some say those place are fun whilst some insist those are places for perverts who were there for some reason, to ogle at SPGs. (Sarung Party Girls)

But as foam parties progressed it become a part of decent pool fun especially now at the East Coast - Wet and Wild Water Theme Park. A section of this Theme Park is designated for foam fun. While having a drink nearby, I managed to catch it while it was being filled. Once the foam is filled into the enclosed area, they let the people in for some fun and splashed about in the foam. There were kids too but I'm not sure if there are height limit for kids.

My girls watched eagerly. Rae and Lea asked to join in the fun, but we were not dressed for a water theme fun so perhaps next time. It certainly looked like fun. Look at the shots where the foams were released in the midst and some were actually buried under it! hahaha


Joze Foo said...

it's sure looks fun

Purpled Sky said...

it is fun! you're so lucky you have places to go like these in SG.

btw, got awards for you. come grab them if you have time :-) http://purpledsky.blogspot.com/2008/09/friends-are-gods-way-of-taking-care-of.html

Tammy said...

That looks so cool! We don't have that here. :o(

U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, it sure looks like fun...for kids.
You meantioned East Coast? ECP?
I love ECP....one of my favorite haunts back in the 80's. Love that seafood restaurant near the bif slide....waitresses wear sarongs.

I have besides Penang love Sigapore...food at Bugis street, North Bridge rd, Beach road, Katong, Bedok...and Bedok have seafood by the sea is simply beautiful.

You have a great week, Lee.

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun la ... Wish we had something like that over here ... I know I would be the first one in ... hehehe ...

Constance Chan said...

joze, you will like it..hahaha

purplesky - ok will come get it soon! thanks!

tammy - you have a big pool maybe try to foam it with those bubble bath and have those auto bubble machines one! that would be fun too!

u.lee - i'm always amazed at the many places you've been. your memory of those places are good. give me 5 years out of Sg and I probably forget the names of those place... this east place we went is actually at Pasir Ris side. and ya ECParkway has some nice seafood yum yum.

Constance Chan said...

nick - you want to try these, must make a trip down to sg. This is quite decent not those dodgy foam party... bring your wifey and have fun making foam hairdo for her! It is inside the Wet and Wild Theme Park, in NTUC Pasir Ris Resort. It's a great place, we usually have barbecues and rent 2 nights at the nearby chalets. Lots to do.


Ok ive linked you :-)