Gift of Mooncakes Again

Mooncakes! Mooncakes! They are getting hotter and hotter! It is the Mid Autumn Festival, after all. Since end of last month, I've received to date, 4 boxes of Mooncakes in total. What am I going to do with them. I wanted to give one to my neighbour but she can't handle it she says. LOL. She is also having too many at home. Hubby gets a lot of them from friends who visits and gives us. Some are really good but some are just something that I don't know how to appreciate, not that it taste horrible. Look at this one from his friend, a Display Artist. I believe he even had his name stamped on it. His name is Ping Xi. If you know how to read the chinese text, does it read his name? This one is made to look like a gold treasure box.. hahaha There are many different designs nowadays. Amazing!