Anyone seen this before? I picked this up at the petrol kiosk yesterday, along with the miniature Coca Cola collection. I saw this a month ago but didn't get it because I was pressing for time.

So what is this. It is a Litchi flavoured liquer. Some call it Lychee. It has Vodka and Cognac in it too. I believe it will taste slightly sweet and mask the alcohol content. Cocktails usually do.

This is what is written on the back of the label. *Subtle blend of Lychee, Raspberry, Premium Vodka and Cognac, GIRL is excellent neat, on the rocks or in a long drink mixed with apple, orange or cranberry juices*.

The alcohol in this bottle is 25%, by the way.

The bottle is very pretty. But can be too attractive for girls, because my girls love pink and she thought these are suitable for her. Furthermore, the name of the concoction is named GIRL. I would have thought it is some kind of fruity fun EDT.


Joze Foo said...

the packaging looks like a perfume more than liquor, i always wanted to but lychee liquor...how much is this?

Constance Chan said...

i can't quite remember. perhaps something like $12 or something... cos i bot tat and the miniature coke for $14.xx at the petrol station.