Glutton Sandwich

It is still raining and I'm just too lazy to go out. I wish I could be in bed snoozing away. Of course I can't do that because the girls have to be in school. This week really flies and it is already Thursday.

The pass few days, I've not really had a good appetite. Probably because I've been running in and out of the house sending the girls to school, coming back, then out for tuition and classes. The weather was hot and cold. Rain one minute and sunny the next. Yesterday my dinner was only sandwich. Had cooked some soup and a dish for the girls but sometimes I can't really eat what I cook. Guess what I made.

A Glutton Sandwich. What on earth is a Glutton Sandwich? Mashed eggs, spicy tuna, yellow mustard and top with sliced cheese. I wanted to add lettuce but was too lazy to peel them out. This work fine, time being.

I feel such a glutton already.

*Glutton defination (Wikipedia) - One who over-indulges in and over-consumes food, drink, or intoxicants to the point of waste


Anonymous said...

i would be happier if once in a while my husband can eat sandwich for dinner so i can skip a day without rice but he is a rice lover :(


Constance Chan said...

hahaha ya ya i know what you mean. mine also.. like they say 'pnooi tnang' hahahah