Ping Pong Game Machine

Every Friday, when I send my girl for her piano lesson without doubt she will have a go at this game machine at the neighbourhood stationery shop, outside. The first time we set eyes on it, we had no idea how it is played. After watching some young kids play, we understood that you just need to use the lever to hit the ping pong balls to form a line of 4 balls vertically or horizontally in a row. 4 balls will release a coloured chip and if you managed to top a 5th ball, it will release another colour chip. For 20 cents worth, it is definitely good value to win a small toy, stationery or anything. Even a pen costs about 60 or 70 cents. My kids are quite good with this game and they managed to get many little toys, from stickers, erasers, books, wet wipes to the biggest prize or a silver colour chip got us a remote controlled car!

Of course with all the excitement from these rewards, I also am addicted into this game too! hahahaha.. It is Friday, by the way.


JO-N said...

Ya, it's Friday. Enjoy your game and your winnings!

Kikey Loo said...

haha... u r mummy also like a kids! hehe... but it good that u can get free gift.. :)

Tammy said...

Have a great weekend! :o)