Don't Miss A Call

Property sales agents treasures each and every call that comes in at all times of the day. A missed call may mean a missed potential for business. In a meeting or during an appointment, they may have missed some important calls from their important clients or enquiries. To know who these callers are, using a feature called Reverse Mobile Phone Lookup is a great idea. At least you know in advance when the caller comes up again, you will be available and prepared to answer the call in the most professional manner.



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U.Lee said...

Hi Constance...since I retired, I sometimes don't even use my phone 2 weeks.
I'm not a phone talker....in fact I think its psychological as old days it was business and calls nonstop....and I did tell myself, one day I don't want to use the phone if can help it.
My wife too and we one of the few on this planet don't own a h/phone.

Have a nice day, best regards, Lee.