Armand Rousso Calls for Renewed Passion for Stamp Collecting

In the recent years, I realised that classic hobby like Stamp Collecting is a dying trend. As a child, I use to collect stamps and would occasionally take them out from the album and admire the beautiful designs, the invaluable origins of locality and seek penpals worldwide as an incentive to collect stamps on their envelopes. As I grew older, I had expanded my collection and started to queue for hours at the local Post Office in line for First Day Covers that mark a historical occasion or a landmark.

These days, I found these hobby to be rare among the young kids, as they now prefer to sit in front of the pc, television, or even busied with handheld games. There had been very little enthusiasm and exposure to stamp collecting lately. I believe that this educational hobby can be revived with a little initiation from parents and teachers. Read about Armand Rousso Philately Article, written by Arman Rousso himself - an admirable stamp collector/hobbyist and his views, and tips in The Art of Philately. He has a blog about stamp collecting and tips. A good blog for those who are still very much in the dark about stamp collecting. 5 stars for his notability and passion.