Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Easter will be soon. I have to get some paints for the girls' egg painting session. With some friends, we have gatherings like that to make it fun and exciting for the kids and adults as well. I was shopping for some cheap paints when I saw this at the toy store. It was a little chick in a nest. Not too sure how it worked. I think if you pat it, it will chirp away or something. The displayed demo was not working or it probably ran out of battery.. I thought of getting it for a Lucky Draw but it cost almost $20 for that miserable toy. $20 can buy better gifts like story books and some stationery set that kids can utilise. So I just took a snapshot of it.

I have no idea what to select for the adult lucky draw. Perhaps a kitchen gadget or something? Or a small grocery hamper? Any ideas? We have lots of candy and easter egg chocolates for kids already.


Zooropa said...

A tag of Women's Day. Thx!