Ellen Degeneres on the Hawaii Chair

Does any of you watch Ellen? I'm a great fan of hers. I used to watch her sitcom on tv. (I think that was titled Buy the Book) She is naturally funny, perhaps that is why she make a great host and stand up comedian. I try to catch Ellen on TV every now and then on Channel 5 at 5pm daily. Really prefer her shows compared to Oprah's talkshow.

I managed to watch one particular funny one where she featured the Hawaiian Chair in it. The Hawaiian Chair is a classic mobile fitness chair and seemed like they still have something like that around since her show is current. Does it help one to be fit? Not so sure, but it sure is hilarious and probably evoke other ideas instead.. LOL

Look at this clip I managed to find on YouTube. This one really got me in stitches!


Nancyew said...

She is a good comedienne. I love her and she is a natural.

Nancyew said...

Btw I would not mind having the Hawaian chair if give free. LOOOOL It is full of fun.

Sue said...

Funny la....wanna check out the chair...might try it...hehe

Kikey said...

i wanna to get one, but never put it on high speed! hehe..