Cut Cost, Dine at Home

Yesterday was Good Friday holiday. My girls were off school and many had taken off for a weekend holiday. As usual, we just lepak at the mall. The day looked gloomy and it looked like it was going to pour any minute. The girls' favourite place again. Where parking is free (for 3 full hours) because parking has gone up, petrol has gone up and gst remains high. Boy, the only thing tat were stagnant were wages, apparently. US$ is crashing down... sob sob! (that means exchange rate is not that great for my reviews..) Last weekend oil was US$110 a barrel.. I am now thinking seriously of changing my car to either something more economical.

We were in Giant yesterday. Many people nowadays were buying things in bulk nowadays and cooking more at home. Restaurant prices must come down since people aren't dining as often. We used to eat out on Sundays from Breakfast all the way to Dinner. But lately, we only do one meal outdoor in the weekends. That's really cutting down for us. And cooking at home daily. Less takeaways either. Guess it is time to consider your budget too. Have you been working at it? US might see inflation at it's worst. It's hanging on a thread now.


Anonymous said...
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iCalvyn said...

cut cost? economy no good ist?

our economy not bad ma, entire road new car

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey! eating at home is good - not only save money, its healthier too!

Anonymous said...

sighh... we have been eating out every Sat and Sun for lunch and dinner, perhaps it is also time for us to cut down a bit... beh tahan lah.