Candy Floss

The girls love to eat candy floss. In the old days, we had an indian man who comes around the estate in the tricycle and churns out the candy floss machine using the generator. It was fun to watch. Using a stick, he collects the webs of the candy and made them into a large enormous ball like a big cloud. These days, we still have them but not as much. Most of our candy floss now come ready packed in bags tied up for purchase.

The pasar malam has lots of these, probabaly the reason why my girls are so happy going there. They get to buy popcorn and all the crackers available among the stalls. Other than stalls mostly catered to kids' goodies, you also get to buy lots of finger foods mostly in skewers. What is the pasar malam like in Penang now?


Joze Foo said...

i love candy floss when i was a kid... But i alwis buy the ready one. I remember we use to have this robot in the mall that you put in the coin then you can make your own candy floss..i wonder which mall still have it

Constance Chan said...

the robot one, i saw before.. i think they stop cos very hard to maintain one.. the sugar clogged up and the some never pick up the floss so become stuck there forever.