No Phototaking Allowed

Remember a week ago when I frequented the Pasar Malam? Well I was snapping happily at the stalls that lined up when I received a rude shock from a lady at one of the stalls. Still I managed to take the shot of the stall, before she defendsively stood in front of me and said in a stern voice ' pu ke yi pai! pu ke yi pai!' In Mandarin, she said I wasn't allowed to take the shots of her stall. Which I already did, before her hand cupped my handphone camera..

What do you think why she disallow me to do it.. Actually I think she was selling some goods that probably infringe some copyright.. or something. Well her stall had some nice things that my girls love and I also bought 2 umbrellas and a little bag from her other worker. It didn't bother me but she was there to make sure I didn't take any photos.. hahaha

Can you guess what were the stuff she sold that I am not allowed to take shots? If she could bravely do a business here, what is she afraid of? hmmmm... This pasar malam usually stays at a designated place for minimum 3 days to a week or more. This one stayed for about a week, after which they pack up and head on to another destination to display their goods.


suesue said...

Maybe all her products are those imitation goods tat is why she don't allowed you to snap a pic.

Zooropa said...

She scared that u send d pix to d local authority dpt then she'll go backpack already!


Constance Chan said...

hahahah... i think that is the case. cos they have some products like disney too... maybe these are not the real disney products officially sold in malls?

Bravespirit... said...

I agree, that store is sure to have pirated stuff! We also have a lot of those in the Philippines. Here we call it "Tiangge" or midnight sale where vendors would sell for a certain period then move to another place.