EchoSign releases v3.0


The recent launch of EchoSign, v3.0 made big news about it's new features such as Real-time dashboard analytics and MegaSign, sending e-agreement to as many as 1,000 users or more with just one click.

A Press Release describes EchoSign's
e-signature as a powerful and sophisticated service not only completely automated but helps to speed up the sales process thus closing deals and increase revenue for companies in record time. Simple, fast and efficient, you don't need to search for a fax just to close your deal. EchoSign manages, keep track and even files your agreements that you don't have to look through your pile of stacked folders on your desk!



Palo Alto, CA, February 13, 2008 --- EchoSign, the leading Web-based signature automation service, today announced the availability of EchoSign 3.0. This latest version of the number one Web-based e-signature service brings the power of sophisticated workflows to a completely automated and intuitive Web interface.

EchoSign’s 250,000 users have already shortened their contract signature process by as much as ninety percent (90%) – getting contracts signed, on average, in just 42 minutes. In version 3.0, EchoSign introduces a host of new features that help companies of any size close deals faster, save money, and process contracts even more efficiently.

“The key to success for companies of all sizes is identifying bottlenecks in the sales process that hinder a company’s ability to close a deal. With so many businesses going global, the time it takes to get a single signature on a contract increases fourfold,” said Jason Lemkin, CEO, EchoSign. “EchoSign’s newest release continues to cut the fat out of the contract process, by enabling companies to quickly and intuitively gather the signatures they need to drive the business bottom-line.”

In a recent report, the analyst firm Gartner recommends “consider[ing] e-signature services instead of software suites when one or more of these factors exist: the signature-based process is automated; rapid time-to-market is important; complex internal workflows are not required; a third party to vouch for the signed record is needed; or the price per signed record will be less than purchased software and in-house development.”

EchoSign’s easy to use interface has enabled thousands of companies to go from ‘quote to close’ in less than 42 minutes. With EchoSign, companies are able to close more contracts, work more effectively with customers and partners, and manage and audit agreements within a single interface. With today’s release of version 3.0, EchoSign increases the power of e-signatures by extending their ability to reach across the globe and into the organization. Major features include:

Workflow “Language” – EchoSign API has already enabled dozens of Internet leaders to integrate EchoSign e-signatures into their own products – including Salesforce.com, WebEx Connect, Box.net, Zoho, H&R Block RocketLawyer.com, SpringCM, and Drawloop. EchoSign now takes this to the next level by enabling its customers and partners to go beyond the standard counter signature and sequential EchoSign signature options and directly craft their own customized signature workflow processes.

MegaSign - With EchoSign 3.0, users can now send an agreement out to 10, 100, 1,000 or more users for signatures. In just one click, EchoSign automatically tracks down signatures from thousands of employees; automatically follows-up for you and reminds them until they sign; and creates a full, real-time audit report of who’s signed and who hasn’t across your enterprise.

Instant, Automated, Interactive Forms – Users can marry data collection and e-signatures in a few clicks. Now, users can create an interactive form without requiring Adobe Acrobat – just by using Microsoft Word. EchoSign 3.0 automatically converts the Microsoft Word document into an interactive form. This form can be posted to a Web site or secure portal via the EchoSign widget in seconds, without programming. Or the form can simply be e-mailed for signature. Either way, with one click, the document is e-signed – and the collected data is exported out to Microsoft Excel for analysis and integration.

Real-time Dashboard Analytics in Salesforce – For the first time, sales managers can track, in real-time, the status of every single contract across their companies. EchoSign for Salesforce offers real-time dashboard analytics to measure metrics across an entire team, including deals closed by sales reps, open deals, percentage of agreements signed, and average minutes until signed.