Great Wine Selection Online

Enjoying a chilled glass of wine with a good book is an ideal pass time for me. I used to look for wine selections that are unique and premium for entertaining purposes. Premium wines are also very handy to have as a gift. A friend of mine invests purely in vintage wine. He will source for them and buys as many as a case of these and store in the basement specially built for for his wine collection. It is not often to find vintage wine at the supermarket. Sometimes you can find them in the speciality wine stores but very limited bottles and sometimes they have been reserved by their regular customers the minute they arrived.

New York Wine Co. is an online wine company that has a big range of unique and sophisticated selection of wine categorized by producers, region and varietal. If you have difficulties looking for a particular range of wine, you should visit this site. Select the varietal, region or producer of your choice and you will be able to find a list of wines, the year produced, and all information including price per bottle or by the case, depending on your preferance. Buying them by the case is definitely much cheaper and good for investment. They make great anniversary gifts and for celebrating an event.

New York Wine Co. has an interesting wine club. For a fixed monthly fee, in 3 different categories, you get to receive 6 bottles of specially chosen wine each month to improve and cultivate your interest in wine. Some of their other interesting events include regular free wine tastings, or pick up tips about pairing of wine with foods in The Art of Entertaining Series.