A Casual Day Out

I went to have a look at some shades today before Rae's piano lesson and turned out that it was my girl who was doing the real shopping. She was pestering me to buy the costume jewellery that she saw... of which most of them don't even suit her! She loves anything that gilitters. She picked ankle chains, bracelets, necklaces that made her looked like our Christmas Tree. She saw me at the corner trying on the shades and she, too helped herself to them and kept asking me if she looked fine or if she could buy them! It turned out that she was enjoying it so much trying on everything that I just stood there and kept reminding her to handle it with care!

So if any of you would like a company to go shopping, you can bring Rae along. She would be your best shopping buddy, I'm sure! I ended up buying her a wrist chain, with pink and white gems and pearls that cost only $5.00 which were on offer. And I probably need to shop alone for my shades.