Selection of Wedding Invitation Card Online

I was given the task to help pick some wedding invitation cards for a friend who will have her wedding by end of this year. There are many wedding card designs from the printer but there is nothing compared with what I have just see on a website online. This is especially helpful for wedding couples since they are busy most of the time with other preparations like picking out venues, menu, wedding gowns and suits as well as the lists of what to do.

This site has many selections of Contemporary Wedding Invitations. Easy menu buttons let you select from their many themes, colour, paper type that suits your preferance. As my friend is a person who enjoys fantasy and classic tales, I shortlisted one under the Fairy tale theme, which was perfect for her. Besides invitation card, I can also select the same theme for an ensemble such as the Reception cards and Thank You cards which may come in handy after the wedding celebration. Production takes only a maximum of 4 days which means that I don't have to work back as long as 2 months for printers to execute this printing job. There are also selections of romantic verse to be chosen and one can also pick fonts, text colours and more. It is unbelievable how it is so easy to order wedding invitations from this site.

This online store is simply named 1st Class Wedding Invitations, of which I think deserve the 5 star thumbs up, in my opinion.