Korean Entertainment by Rae and Lea

The week long term break has officially started. I brought Rae to get her brownie uniform today but the darn store was closed! They close on Sat, Sun and Monday! Gosh. And I wanted to clear my errands by the beginning of the week so I can enjoy the holiday week with the girls. This afternoon, we went to Civic Centre in the North. Rae was going for her piano appreciation week and her classes had been schedule to Civic Centre for the week. I sent her there for the full hour class and I went on my hour long window shopping..

Yesterday my girls were in their Korean costume playing.. they love to play dress up. Rae was playing the piano and Lea wanted to dance. I captured them on video and I thought they do very well as song and dance week if there was one. Kinda like a folk song and dance skit. As usual, Lea loves to dance. Enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

wah, both veli gao loh, one good pianist and th other good dancer hor... Hoon, i think they have talent lah.