Video Classifieds is Interesting

Do you find that sometimes listings in classifieds can be a little exaggerated when there are so many people out there advertising their products or services? But when it is a video at your social website, it gets more interesting?

Well then you should check out Listasaurus, that offers video classifieds. No more boring ads, or listing that tries to describe a product or service because you can now view or send your own video along with the advertisement. Yes, Listasaurus now allows you to include video. Selling and buying will be more interesting and you don't really need to pop by the site to view a house, a car or even a product. On video, it is what you see is what you get.

Listasaurus offers a free classifieds service that lists a variety of products for sale, free stuff, jobs, real estate, personal or even social networking. If you are a business owner, rest assured that advertising in the Business Directory that is priced low.

How about getting paid for listing on Listasaurus? Too good to be true? Well in Listasaurus, that is exactly what you may get. This is probably the first and only only classifieds listings that does just that. If you support the idea of getting paid, then you can make a vote for Listie to win at Ideablob.com

Listasaurus also has a Mystery Contest whereby you can submit your comment or answer to guess a mystery item and win prizes! Take a guess yourself or read some hilarious or creative comments from the winning entries!