Win Nintendo® Wii Sweeps+Charter High-Speed for Life

I have a friend who complains that they are still surfing using their dial-up modems. I did just that about 5 years ago before upgrading to a cable broadband in my area. I understand the frustrations she has as her downloads to view pages of websites takes a long time to load. Also I was unable to use skype with her to chat since her landline disconnects so frequently. Her son complaints that he is unable to go online and play games like his friends so he hops over to his friends house to play.

Well I believe her trouble may be over if she register to bid in the Charter's once in a lifetime High-Speed® Internet for Life. This is like a sweepstake that is open to all except that you need to start by bidding. The starting bid is $10. If your bid is the highest, you get to receive a Life offer of Charter High-Speed® Internet services at your the place of your residence FOR LIFE. That will certainly solve my friend's problem of dial up access. That will also mean her son won't have to stay away from home using his friend's internet access! In fact, I believe he will be have visitors to his home more often since the bidder that wins not only get the Charter High-Speed® Internet but as a registered applicant, she will also get a chance to win a Nintendo® WiII. This package includes a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii stand, 5 Sports games, Remote Controller, Nunchuk Controller, Sensor Bar, Wii AC Adapter and Wii AV Cable. To win this Nintendo WiII package, all you need is just to register, no purchase or bidding is necessary. Hurry up and register!

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