Wives Biscuits

Ah Boy brought back these Wives Biscuits the other day. I've tried a few variety before but I'm not a fan. I dislike when the sticky filling inside gets overly sweet. I'm more of a tau sar pneah fan, preferring the saltish savourish taste. However, these ones that I tried were different from the usual ones I've tried. They were very soft, and less sweet.

The pastry was very delicate and will crumble when touched. I cannot read the Chinese Words on the Box so I have no information about these brand at all. Thinking about these, I have my saliva drooling already, but not about wives biscuits. More about the home grown tau sar pneahs and beh teh saw from Penang. And also a famous Cintra Street pastry - like those kueh bahlu but only richer and larger. Penangites call it Keh Nooi Koe.



Kikey said...

izzit from Hong Kong one?

Constance Chan said...

yes, kikkey. from Hong Kong one.

Joze Foo said...

i oso dun like this wive biscuit...to me is taste something like "pong pia". I prefer beh tah saw and tau sar pia too.