Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is my FAVOURITE

Whenever the mention of ICE CREAM, my girls get excited and happy with joy! On Sunday, we treated the kids to the family favourite ice cream of all time! Guess which brand of ice cream we love? It's none other than Ben & Jerry's, of course!

My first taste of Ben & Jerry's was in the 90's. Ah Boy bought a tub which was on a special promotion at the petrol station. It was quite expensive actually. At that time Ben & Jerry's were quite unheard of among my friends because everyone always talked about Haagen Daaz, Baskin Robbins, Swensons, and the occasional Moven Pick.

But Ben & Jerry's caught on quickly and among so many, I find this the best tasting one available in the market. So on Sunday, we treated ourselves to our favourite brand. I remember they used to have the 'Mad about Nuts' in a tub but I have not been able to find it in the last couple of years. So Pistacho Pistacho is my current favourite. Rae loves her usual Chocolate and Lea is always having anything with Strawberry or similar.

Check out the B&J Ice Cream Outlet. So interesting too.