Goodbye Sam

I was chatting with Taoju of PGHK when she asked me to have a look at a you tube video. I'm sure many of you have been watching lots and lots of you tube videos of pre Election, and now that the results are out, there has been music videos and more you tubes released into the internet.

I also read that Malaysia kini website crashed the other day due to too many accessing the site. I did try but couldn't get in too. Thus I could only get my election counts on my cable tv but not on the Malaysia TV network since I didn't subscribe to it.

So now that the results are over, I read about lots of mixed feelings about in Penang, but mostly the majority are happy about it. It spanned from across all races showing that what the people truly wanted was an efficient government and one that really shows concern for the beautiful island of Penang. I agree and I think someone need to do something about the poor state of Komtar. It has been neglected for so long. What was once a pride of the Penangites has become an eyesore.

Check out the you tube entry for easy listening song, based on a classic song Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha.

If you like the above, this one lagi funny! Goes with the Ten Little Indian Boys song.


Dragon said...

hahaha, i like it so much! thanks for showing us. the song so nice! with the lyrics too.

everydayhealy said...

I've got a tag for you, my dear!
Check it out, k?

K3ViN said...

haha nice... i also post it this morning when i chat with my fren :P