Globetrotters for Kids

We were in the mall during the weekend. My girl wanted to see Disney on Ice, the Meet and Greet session at United Square. Apparently we were there about half hour later and the show finished before we even reached there. So we brought the girls around the mall windown shopping. United Square is a great place for kids. It has many malls that are related to kids' education and entertainment.

There was a restaurant by the name of Globetrotters. They were doing well. It is a family restaurant, serving foods that are dedicated to parents with children. If you don't like kids, best not to be there because the place is buzzing with kids everywhere. There is a play area friendly for kids. The staff employed are those with kids' interest and service in mind. They are patient and plays with the kids occasionally.

Before this restaurant, there was a pizza restaurant which didn't do well. When Globetrotters took over, it was different. My kids pestered us to bring them in but we had lunch and it was too early for dinner. So perhaps, next time.