No Pets Again, Sorry Dears

Everyday, I face the challenge of saying NO to my girls for pets they request. A parrot, a dog, a bunny, a horse, a BARNEY (Lea wanted a dinosaur), even a terrapin ( smellylah). Of course with my neighbour walking her dog each day and my girl who sees a live-in dog at their nursery, I have to find creative ways for that Decline. Deep down, I myself fancied having a little dog (I really mean LITTLE) but the thought of cleaning up more mess and all that poo and living with fur balls and chewed toys and slippers just sort of confirmed my NO.

My ex neighboured also showed me her little Shih Tzu just over the weekend. And my other friend had been talking about getting an Alaskan Husky. Not sure if she had found one, but will ask her again if i see her online. We do not live in a house with lots of garden space or private corners (if dogs are a little more polite than cats) for them to answer to nature's calls. And I certainly do not fancy sharing my bath with the dog.. I'm very private about my bathrooms and toilets. Sorrylah.. I also don't like using the public toilets, if GOD can help me...lol It's a habit that I am very very fussy about. I like my toilets and bath as clean as a whistle.

Have a good laugh at this pic of a poor dog whose bed was snagged by the house cat.


Hazel said...

haha..i don't have pet at home.they are dirty.

K3ViN said...

me also... if outside... sure ok one lor..... inside? eerrrr.... have 2 think twice lor

Sue said...

Hehe..I actually nearly got a puppy..