Tooth & Claw Is Addictive in Facebook

Whenever the mention of monies, poke, fluff and vampire are brought up, my friends online will chat non-stop. That is because these words are synonymous with Facebook, a social website that caught on among the millions of people who already got hooked on it. There are so many applications in Facebook that I have added in. There is a game that was added recently which might interest Facebook fans. This one has already found nearly 5,000 users in just a few weeks!

If you are into those fights and survival games, Tooth & Claw will certainly be good fun for you. Fight among each other registered Tooth & Claw members and enjoy grabbing garlics, hunt, kill or even plead for mercy. No downloads or installation required and you can play from any computer online or even from you iPhone! It is an addictive game.

Read what the Press Release have to say about Tooth & Claw
Press Release:

Every day good and evil struggle for control of Harmony Falls. Humans raid crypts, vampires attack humans, battles are won, and comrades are lost. Fight for survival. Fight Tooth & Claw.

This isn't another 'poke me' app, this is an honest-to-goodness monstrous multiplayer game!

Tooth & Claw is one of the first massively multiplayer games on Facebook. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thousands of vampires and humans face off in this real-time, strategy game. In Tooth & Claw you can battle side by side with your friends, beat back enemies, scavenge for supplies, and commandeer buildings all without leaving Facebook. Tooth & Claw is truly Facebook's first monstrous multiplayer game.

Games are not new to Facebook, but games like Tooth & Claw certainly are. Tooth & Claw is a persistent world operating within Facebook; things are happening even when you are not there. The battle between friend and foe rages constantly and taking part in the fight has never been so fun.

Some monstrous features include:

* Real-time action and mayhem.
* An interface so simple, even the undead can use it.
* Chat in-game with friends or foes: Say "hello" or plead for mercy.
* PvP gaming inside Facebook
* Rewards the casual gamer -- compelling stuff to do in a few minutes a day.
* Many ways to play -- be a hunter, killer, claimer, rescuer, medic, or "that dead guy."
* Bump off enemies or recruit them to your side.
* Work with friends to claim territory and fortify it.
* See your name in pixels! Name a building after yourself.
* Vampires transform into bats and rule the night.
* Humans, grab your garlic, crosses, and stakes and drop in on a crypt or two.

Tooth & Claw is developed by the MMO geniuses at Friends&Foes Studios. The team has been developing MMOs for a decade so they know their stuff. As a development team they classify themselves as "crazy responsive" to player feedback. The game is frequently updated and evolving which means that you can not only play the game, but also help shape it's future.

If you have been a fan of browser-based MMOs in the past, then check out Tooth & Claw to take part in the first melding of your social network and your gaming network. If you are new to massively multiplayer games, come join the fray and see why people are saying that they are "quickly becoming addicted."

It's easy and free to join. Because Tooth & Claw runs on Facebook, there are no plug-ins to install and you can play from virtually any computer anywhere...even on your iPhone! Click here to play Tooth & Claw and fight for survival on Facebook.