Automated Doors, No Sensors

There has been several toilets lately that uses the automated door system. The first one that was popular and talk of the town was the one in Paragon Shopping Centre in Orchard Road. It was in the late 80s and it was known as the most beautiful and modern loos in Singapore. It was a hit with students who like to go there and lounge on the comfy sofa at the make up area and tall mirrors for the girls to apply make-up and gossip about boyfriends and girls stuff. Of course back then, we had to pay 20 cents per visit then and considered expensive. However, I think most loos have abolished payment except for those in the wet markets and operated by private individuals.

This one in civic centre in the west created a lot of confusion to toilet visitors. Although it is automated, it does not operate on sensor. See the black handle? One is suppose to press on it before the door opens. I find it not very practical to have the button there. Many aunties did not know that and waited for the door to open and some could not find the buttons to press. Perhaps they should have placed the button on the wall at the side like most security doors which work better.