Lea's New Nursery Kindy

Mid week already and I wondered how on earth did I get to it so soon. I had been busy with errands and stuff since Mon. Lea had started her new school on Mon and she was excited and raring to go even before it was time. This time her nursery studies will be parallel to school term so she will also enjoy the normal school holidays just like Rae. The last nursery she attended was more like a daycare thingy.

What's great about her new nursery kindergarten is that they are big and they have lots of facilities like a large playground, a real kids' canteen, separate music rooms, indoor gym, trikes and bikes for kids, and they even have a little corner where they have little chickens running in a coop for kids' learning experience. I am sure she will be able to integrate herself into primary school in a couple of years time with this exposure.

(picture: Lea in blue pinafore and Red PE Ts & Shorts)

Monday, she was pretty proud of wearing a pinafore just like sis. Her school is just across the road from Rae's so she thinks that she is just as important. She has two teachers, Mrs Thomas and Teacher Chen. At the end of the day, the teachers were praising her for doing so well in school and could follow the class activities and not a 'sob'.

She participated in singing but she told me she didn't do any dance because she didn't want the teacher to be laughing at her. She also said the food in school was yummy and she refused to drink milo because her preferance was Ovaltine. What a lot of opinions for a first day.


Joze Foo said...

yaya...so much opinion...i guess she really enjoy schooling at this new nursery.

Dragon said...

ovaltine! but now, milo seems to conquer all. seldom heard ovaltine lo. she is so cute still.

Anonymous said...

like Lea, Yoyo is looking forward to kindy, and her entrance ceremony will be 2 weeks later.... so fast hor.