When I was younger, it didn't bother me at all when some friends commented how bad their skin was or how much skin problem they face. I used to be blessed with good skin until I reached my thirties. That was when I realised that I've not really cared much about my skin since I never thought I needed to. However, I was totally wrong. Over the years, I've had to bat against problem spots like blemishes, dryness, enlarged pores and pigmentations. Living in a tropical country meant my pigmentation problems and skin got worst when I am out in the sun often.

Am Australian owned skin care range developed by Dr Natasha Cook, who specializes in Dermatology is something I am looking forward to. She has created solutions to treat skin problems, especially those associated with aging and problem skin. One reason why her studies are so credible is because in Australia alone sees a high percentage of those who face more problems of skin for over-exposure to the sun. Look at the range of products she has developed to prevent and reduce aging problems such as the Dr Natasha Dermatologist Concentrated SunBase SPF30+ that also comes in three shades. Follow the skin regiments of Dr Natasha Cook to reveal a new looking you.