Penelope Premiums Package has arrived!

The mail came with a big package for me today.... Looking at it, it was something I was expecting. Sometime in February, through BDMM, I was given the opportunity to write a movie preview on a show, Penelope. Penelope is a romance about a young girl(Christina Ricci), and her struggle to find real love and independance with an ugly secret she had harboured since birth. This show takes you through romance, betrayal in a fairy tale storyline.

So what is in my package, I was also eager to find out. There was a novel ( YES! I love to read before watching a movie, usually), an original motion picture soundtrack on Penelope, a $20 value entertainment card for AMC theatres, and a nice shawl just like what Penelope has in the movie and a nice thank you note! WOW! I didn't know I'd be getting that many stuff. It was worth the review.

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BlogsDoMakeMoney said...

Thats very nice of you Constance!! Thanks for the shout out. Glad you are enjoying your package. Can't thank you enough for your support and appreciation. Have a great week ahead.