IZEARanks tracks real time blog traffic

I am a blogger who writes about events, shopping trips, and all that is happening around my life and my family. When I first started blogging, there was only a trickle of visits from a few blogger friends who also started blogging within weeks apart. Along the way, we made more online blogger friends and the traffic increased. It is a warm feeling when you know that the posts you have written may be interesting to another blogger coming from the other side of the globe.

Months of blogging later, it became important to know how my blog fared against the gazillions of blogs out there. I wanted to have a statistic widget that was simple to view that could rank my blog well. If you are a postie with PayPerPost, you probably would have found out the good news about IZEARanks . IZEARanks is a great blog ranking system developed to rank your blogs based on real traffic. This ranking is updated daily so you are able to view your blogs as well as other blogs' traffic statistics and ranking just by keying in the blog url. A cool feature is the slide timeline which lets you make comparisons of your blog traffic up to a year. Sliding the lightbulb timeline changes the chart and you also can view other blogs in comparison to yours. You can also see when the blogs' daily traffic increased or drop by looking at the line chart. Switch from the different line chart timeline by choosing from 3 sources of information - RealRank, Page Views and Unique Visitors.

Since the launch of IZEARanks, when I see an interesting blog, I will be at IZEARanks to see if the blog information is available for viewing. It is interesting to know how or when the traffic improves if it is a new blog. Of course in order to get your blog ranked by IZEARanks, you will need to be registered with IZEARanks. But it is really worth it. Get to know the other bloggers who are in the top 100 ranking and learn from them what makes their blogs so successful. IZEARanks is a good source of traffic information for all bloggers out there. Work you way to the top 100 if you are up to it.