Beautiful Gemstones

My granny gave me a bracelet for my own since young. It was the most brilliant thing I've ever seen. I've had this fetish for shiny gems since young. I'd put them against the sunlight and look into them and watch how they glitter and shine with every twist and turns. The love for gems had stayed on with me till now. When I was 16, my mum gave me this beautiful sapphire ear studs. It was meant to be my birthstone. Sad to say, I lost a side of it and it really broke my heart. I still have the other half, maybe one day to reset it into a pendant or ring. Nowadays, when I think of giving birthday presents, that is what I like to do. Give them gemstones of their month of their choice. Gemstones are said to bring them luck when worn on.

I discovered this website that sells gemstones set on 14k Gold. They have a wide choice of designs and they are indeed beautiful. I really dislike walking into a jewelery store because they make you feel obligated to buy and they are tailing you every step of the way. That is why I like to source for gemstones on the net. Check out Gemz N Gold. Their items are reasonably priced and if you like you can pay using PayPal too. Get them for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, mother's day or even good for christening gifts.

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