United Square is Kids' Mall

If you are a great fan of Sanrio's Hello Kitty and happen to be in Singapore, you might want to visit the Hello Kitty store in United Square. We were there to watch a live show when our window shopping trip chanced upon this store. When my girls saw this shop, they felt as if they were in a dream world and refuse to leave the place.

United Square is a great place to be if you are pro-kids' fan or if you want to send your kids for enriching classes here. You can find just about anything for kids in this mall that is located in Novena area. This is where you can see the funky Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream kiosk, Globetrotters Restaurant that is big on kids' stuff, and usual kids' stores like Toys R Us, and a Disney theme furniture store, Junior League (Salon for kids) or enroll your kids in language centres, speech & drama schools, golf with Kindergolf or even let your kids pick up fencing.


suesue said...

I love Hello Kitty products eh. If I am in Singapore I am sure sapu as much as possible. Hehehe

stay-at-home mum said...

I like to browse in that Hello Kitty shop but I find the sales girls a little too attentive. Wish they would leave me alone. They keep hovering around me when I am browsing, like so scared I steal their things!!

Constance Chan said...

sahm - i agree. no wonder there was no one in the shop. she prob scared them off...hehehe