Oh What A Week and It Had Just Started..

From Saturday till the beginning of this week has been a mad rush and crummy. I had forgotten to switch off the headlights on Saturday mid day (it had been pouring) after fetching Rae from her ballet. By evening, I received a call from my neighbour who told me that my headlights were on. I got home from the nearby pasar malam and turn it off. Then tried to start the car but was afraid the battery had gone dead. Lucky thing Ah Boy jump start for me on Sunday morning and I let it charge for a while, then it was ok. Phew...

The weather had been pretty hazy lately and on Monday, I got caught in the rain. It was unexpected because I was only 200 metres away from the car after I brought Rae her lunch in school. I was walking to the car and looking up to the sky which looked gloomy but no sign of any raindrops. Then all of a sudden, the rain just poured down like crazy. It was probably a passing shower but it certainly got me all wet. There was no time to take cover because it was either 200 metres to the car or about the same length back to the school driveway. When I got back I made sure I had a shower and washed my hair again for the second time that day.

By Tuesday, I was already feeling achy. Gosh is that what is happening to someone who turns 40 this year? A little bit of rain and that is it? So anyway, yesterday was horribly bad and I went to bed earlier than usual. My usual would be around 1am or 2am so I went to bed about before 11pm. In the morning, my alarm sounded. But I just couldn't wake up.. sigh. I had set two alarm to go off from my handphone. I only got up after the second one kept buzzing.

Wednesday, I was pretty busy in the afternoon, shuttling my girl for tuition and doing my shopping as well. I had forgotten to put my green bags in the car so I had to push the shopping trolley and dump all my grocery without plastic bags in the boot. I had bought so much, from a large sack of rice, cooking oil, large economy bag or toilet paper (30rolls), a tray of eggs (30s) and lots of chilled items and fruits... Then I realised that my cashcard (for electronic parking payment) had error in my erp device so I had to dig for my spare cashcard while keeping the cars all queued up behind me before the erp gantry...so embarrasing...

and guess what, I lost my home keys.. I must have dropped it somewhere when I left to pick Rae up.. sigh sigh sigh. What a horrible week. Now I am having a headache already..


Joze Foo said...

Relax! THings will get better!