Election Day is also International Women's Day

Today is an important day for the Malaysian citizens. It is the day of Election and in the past few weeks, there has been much to say about all the different parties that are competing each other for a seat. How will the result fare? Since in my teens, I have been away from the country and since there is no voting for me, I can only sit and read or watch the tv about the latest updates who's going to run which state.

Today, incidentally is also an important day for all women - which I am sure, many voters or people in Malaysia would probably be shelving it aside for their exciting political entertainment.

It is a global day of celebration, International Womane's Day (IWD). In the early 1900s, there were many debates and unrest occurring amongst women due to oppression and inequality. Such incidents also spurred women to learn to be more vocal and active, campaigning for shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. This was marked by a large group march of 15,000 women marching the streets of New York in 1908.

To all my women friends who are reading this and hopped by my blog,

Happy Women's Day!!


Zooropa said...

Ooh just found out we have something similar for the posting for today but I'm not copying your idea, ok? hehehe...Happy Women Day to u Contance!