Turkish Kebabs and Burritos

Yesterday was the last day of the Pasar Malam across the road. I was craving for some of those Ramly burger so I went across to get some.. Along the road I saw a queue forming at one of the stalls.

I went to check it out and saw 2 foreign men at a stall. They were using the long knives to sliced the kebabs off the skewer. They were Turks selling those rolled bread flat breads in a pasar malam! How unique! Normally you can see them in those malls, foodcourts or restaurants. But seeing them rolling Burritos in the heartlands were quite unheard of!

So many people were standing and watching them. There seemed to be more entertaining power than any buying frenzy happening here. Ooh like a performance... I wondered if they were happy being stared at and surrounded by people that were not buying.. Mom used to tell me that it is very rude to stare but seems like all these adults were not practising what mom was preaching...


Taoju said...

They either the customer or else they are the sua par kau hahahahha!