Environment Friendly Tag

Geng sent me this tag about what would you do to make the world a better place. What would you do to make our world more environment friendly? Pass this tag if you would like to make a contribution in your own little way.


Here's what you should do:

1. Read this post entitled I CARE, I GET INVOLVE.

2. Just go to the comment form on this particular post (just like when you would leave a comment) and list down at least one or two things that you think may help change anything in your home, neighborhood, your nation or the world. I figured it will be difficult to keep track of and update the list if it will be passed on and be included in this "Tag". Moreover, I don't want to give you a hard time copying and pasting it on your sites as the list gets longer. So there.

3. Please note that you are to write down things that you are capable of and will consciously and deliberately do ONLY because we intend to put into action what we have written down here. So NO lying please.

4. After doing 1 and 2. Copy this post (from Start Copy to End Copy), then pass it on to as many concerned people and those who would like to get involve in changing the world, or at least a nation or a country, in their own little way.

We can get more useful ideas as we keep the list going. You may come back here from time to time, go to the comment form to check for updates. I intend to publish the list as it reaches at least 50.



Bravespirit said...

Hi Constance. Thank you so much for participating and caring. Let's do what we have listed down! Take care.