Steamed Kacang and Tea Eggs

I took these pictures of some food that also reminded me of some 70s and 80s nostalgia. They were the steamed nuts which were available before going to cinemas. I used to love to eat these. Steamed Kacang is available still in the markets nowadays. But somehow the tastes is somewhat different. Could it be the nuts they used? Perhaps our food is not as organically grown as in the past?

Look at the tea eggs. Have you tried them? I've not, as a matter of fact! But it smells really fragrant. There are alot of these in Taiwan and Hong Kong too. How does one cook these? I always think that boiling too long in the water will just toughen the eggs. But with herbs, I'm not that sure. I may try it one day, but gotta watch my cholestral level.. Do they have it elsewhere? I know Eu Yang Sang sells it in the shops too.


Joze Foo said...

i love steam nuts..but not this yellow one...i prefer the steam groundnuts the one with the shells.. In Penang we have theam tea eggs at nearly all the tea house or the tea boutique. you can get the ready packed herbs in the medical hall, jus boiled it with rice cooker or slow cooker.

Taoju said...

Is that your rae's reflection on the kachang puteh stall? hahahaha it looks like her.. carrying pink colour bag..

Taoju said...

Oops sorry should be lea not rae hahahahha.. so confusing with the letters. Please forgive this aunty kekekeke

Constance Chan said...

joze: ya ya i love the one with the shell too.. but that day they dont have also... sometimes can find here..

taoju: hahaha nope that wasn't lea nor rae.. that one looks like some adult bypassing when i snap the pic..