Double Trouble

I was reading the local news online when I saw this unique snapshot that was sent by an anonymous person. It was a plate of Mee Siam taken with eggs halved. And the eggs had double yolks on it! That is something I've not seen before.. the Hen that laid the egg probably would have had twins, should the egg had hatch into chicklings!

Speaking of chicks, I am very tempted to buy those and keep them at home for my girls. I know in Penang markets, you can get them freely. I would love the keep them but what if they grew up and become noisy hen-pecked cockerels? Will they be cock-a-doodling in the wee hours in the morning? That will probably bring the town councils personnels to my door and saman me? If one can have toy dogs in high rise, can I have a little hen? Hmmm? I can keep it in my balcony..