How wonderful actually to be able to receive tags and also to send to your friends. What is the most tags you have received at one go? What is the most interesting tag you've ever received so far? Does anyone know the history of tags. Did someone designed these and tag their best buddy at first and then it just went on and on?

In the same week, 3 of my friends actually asked me what a tag is and what should he or she do when someone tags them. So I thought I shall explain it for the benefit of those who is still a little bit unsure.

A tag can come in either an award or a text meme. When someone tags you or left a message that you have been tagged, all you need to do is:

Check out the person's blog.
Look for the article or post of the blogger who tagged you. You will be able to find your name/blog name in one of the recent posts.

AWARD TAG - If the tag is an award ( a badge, image or some sort) you right click on that image and save it any location in your pc.
TEXT Tag - Copy the whole text (sometimes they mark with the word - *start*) including the name/links in the paragraph.

Go back to your own blog
Create a new post. (if you copied a text tag, make sure it's in COMPOSE mode (not in html mode) otherwise the link fr the other blog may be lost.

Write about how you got the tag, like who tagged you this award. You might want to thank the person, because it is plain courtesy, after all :) Don't forget to link the blogger's name with the his/her blog url. Insert the AWARD picture which you have already saved in your pc earlier. Blog about it like your personal post.

If it is a text tag, just paste the whole block of text onto your post. Add your name and link to the last in the list, or follow the text to answer the questions.

Tag your friends
Before you end your post, tag other friends of yours by putting their name and link their blog url.

Pass the word
Once your post is published, go to the blogger who tagged you and tell them you have completed the tag. Then go to the person/s you are tagging and tell them you have a tag for them!

It's meant to be FUN, not STRESS you out.
Hope it helps! And the important thing is have fun doing the tag because tags are not meant to stress you out or make you feel anything negative about it. It is supposed to be FUN, increase your backlinks for popularity and make new friends.